Disney Frozen 2 冰雪奇缘 - I'm Ready to Read with Olaf and Friends 發聲硬皮學習書


👍🏼 英國PI Kids 出品, 每一個按鈕都會跟番每頁書中的內容讀一次, 講故事比小朋友聽~


✅ 美國 Disney 正式授權產品

✅ 音質好唔會沙


This book is special because:

Simple sentences and large type ease the way for beginning readers

Children can spot and say similar words and sound out new ones

Expressive narration enhances reading comprehension

Includes amazing Frozen 2 characters: Olaf, Anna, Elsa, and more!


Spend story time with Olaf and his friends! Encourage your brand-new reader to sound out the words in this story of friendship, then press 10 buttons to hear the pages read out loud. Listen and read along to match the spoken and printed words.


🔎 對象年齢: 18個月以上

🔎 尺寸: 185 x 23 x 10mm

🔎 Content: 24 pages (Hardback)

🔎 Language: English

🔎 Publisher: Phoenix International, Inc

🔎 Manufactured in China

(現貨) Disney Frozen 2 冰雪奇缘 - 發聲硬皮學習書

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